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Why Choose Aircel Cheap Unlimited 3G Plan?

Everyone has it but Aircel gives it cheap is all I can say. I’ve been using the new Aircel 3G for quite some time and it’s really impressive. In my area Aircel 3G speed is pretty impressive when compared with other telecom data providers such as IDEA, Vodafone, Reliance and Airtel for that matter.

I’ve been living off a Reliance 3G Netconnect + dongle all this while but later switched to Aircel 3G which turned out to be a great choice. It’s not just the connection speed that impresses me but also the cost for the device and usage charges.

Aircel’s latest plan offers unlimited 3G data at just 8rs\day with speeds up to 3.6mbps. Got to say it’s reliable and cheap. So what do you do with these awesome speeds you ask? Simple – It completes all the tasks that I used to do with a wired LAN connection all this while. I’ve even thought about switching over to Aircel completely because of the great speed, speedy activations, great plans\offers and most importantly it does the job of keeping me connected with the web.

So what’s possible with 3G again?

  • Downloads – Most of the Social Media work involves downloading and reading ebooks, attachments and reports. With the new Aircel 3G, the downloads happen much easier, faster and on a mobile device :).
  • Video & Music streaming – is one of the popular sites that I hit up when I don’t have the right music on my phone. With the awesome 3G speeds, Aircel makes it possible to stream music & videos very smoothly. The choppy video\music playback while streaming on devices is 0 – trust me.
  • E-paper – With speeds up to 3.6mbps, it’s almost like a wireless broadband connection. If you’re a geek like me you’d probably read the newspaper on the phone. Again, the pages load up fast without any delay. Simply hit up if you feel like catching up some news :)
  • Socialize – Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, Nimbuzz, Aim etc… There are 100’s of online apps that need a web connection to work…  With the multitasking abilities of phones and the data connection speed, all you need is just your phone to keep in touch with buddies and stay connected.
  • Addons – It offers couple of add-on services which can be used once you subscribe. The services like PocketVideo, Video calling, Pocket finder, Pocket learning, Pocketgames lets subscribers to simply download stuff from the Aircel website instantly.

That’s NOT just all.. With features on smartphones like tethering, your smartphone can become a powerful modem with an awesome 3G data connection. Use your phone as a modem to use internet on your PC(s)..

The question must have been “What can’t you do with the Aircel’s unlimited 3G plan” 😀

Have you used Aircel’s unlimited 3G? Share your experiences below.

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