[Infographics] List of Servers and Who Owns Them

Ever wondered who owns most servers in the world? Here is a road map on who owns most servers in the world. Top contributors include Intel, 1&1, Rackspace, AT&t etc. Get ready to scroll.

most dedicated servers

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* Intel: The world’s largest chip manufacturer Intel has about 100,000 servers
* 1&1 Internet: 70,000 servers
* OVH: 65,000 servers
* Rackspace: 56,671 servers
* The Planet: 48,500 servers
* Akamai Technologies: 48,000 servers
* Facebook: 30,000 servers
* SBC Communications: 29,193 servers
* Verizon: 25,788 servers
* Time Warner Cable: 24,817 servers
* SoftLayer: 21,000 servers
* AT&T: 20,268 servers
* Peer1/ServerBeach: 10,277 servers (company)
* iWeb: 10,000 servers (company)

Of course, if you are thinking about Google, they own about 2% of the total servers in the world! Microsoft, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, Godaddy, IBM and HP are estimated to have more than 50,000 servers!

Via Gizmodo and Datacenterknowledge!

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