Facebook to Rollout Geographical Targeting in April

Facebook is preparing to send out an update for the entire user base to give permission to share their geographical locations. According to several sources, the popular social network Facebook has been working on this new additional feature from about a year ago but is being very cautious about implementing it. Facebook does not want the new feature to cause any technical problems to the targeted Ads function.

We also hear that this feature will be available from April on Facebook as it’s rumored in the f8 conference (which happens every year for developers). The meet also hosts an API for third parties, engaging applications to share this information.
So far the company has remained silent and one of its spokesmen Meredith Chin said, the company is still not ready to give information regarding this new service because they are still testing and adapting things.

It is clear that the service still wants to attract more users than losing the existing ones. A few weeks ago, Facebook reached 400 million users mark and also became the second most visited site in the U.S., after Google.

What is GEO-Tagging\Targetting? Here is a funny image from XKCD.
geographical targeting

Meanwhile, rival Twitter in December bought Mixer Labs, a company that will support you to Geotag the tweets. The CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, said at the time that the new acquisition of the company will allow users show their Twitter followers from where they are writing their tweets.

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