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The Plaxo Theme is out and its free. The theme is as simple as the Plaxo design itself, this theme brings it all together. It looks good and works great. I’ve added all of the best design elements on the Plaxo layout and with loads of Plaxo-like features and more….. On the options page you will be able to adjust the theme to your preferences. You can also choose between different style schemes which differ in color and fonts…..




Download Plaxo-riffic theme (Approximately 950kb)


  • Dual sidebar. Separate sidebar for Pages and Index page
  • Widget-ready sidebar
  • Custom Bread crumb navigation
  • Customized front page to look like a news or magazine site
  • Breadcrumb ready plugin (for better SEO)
  • Customized templates for every type of WordPress file, such as category.php and and archive.php
  • Customized sidebars for different pages of the site
  • Placeholders for ads. Great sidebar sizes for 125×125px ads
  • Adsense Ready – Link Ads ready theme

Read me before getting started:

  • There is a readme.txt in the theme that you just downloaded. Please read carefully before getting started.



  • If you use this theme, you must leave a link back to me on your site. A full copy of the legal code is in a file called “license.txt,” which is included with your download.
  • Licensed under the GPL licenses.


While designing this theme, I’ve tested the theme using Firefox 3+, Internet explorer 8 and Chrome. It works like charm on these browsers.

p.s. I also tried the theme on IE6 but the current version is wonky with the retarded browser IE6. Feel free to report bugs and I’ll fix them.

On my mind:

Thank you, thank you. I don’t even know where to start. BUT I’m proud of it. It’s been a frustrating three weeks tweaking little things here and there fixing lots of browser compatibility issues and bugging my friends to test the site on their browsers :) well thanks for all the help guys.

People ask me why Plaxo? Why not Facebook or Myspace like WordPress theme?

Its simply because there is already a Facebook, Myspace like WordPress theme available on the internet. Really – try googling it! Plus Plaxo’s design is consistent and readable for blog readers. The Plaxo-riffic theme has lots of new features. One of them is the custom background. You can add a custom background individually for the main index page and the single pages.

Looking at the outcome, I’m damn happy with how the theme turned out. There’s still a little work to be done, but I’m ready to release it to the WordPress-theme-O-sphere… I really wanted to add more features to the theme. Unfortunately due to time constraints couldn’t involve too much into the theme. Hopefully the next version of the Plaxo-riffic theme will have more features :).  With all that said, feel free to report bugs here, and I’ll try to killem’ all one at a time…..

Future releases?

Hell ya…. i’m gonna develop this theme and fix bugs :)… contact me, if you need anything!! I’m also planning on adding more features to the theme in the future releases, stay tuned….!!!

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